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  Starter Plus Complete
Monthly $4.95 $19.95 $49.95
Yearly (20% Discount) $47.50 $191.52 $479.52
Monthly Transfer Allowance 10GB 100GB Unlimited
File Space 1,000MB 10,000MB Unlimited
Member Profile Pages Up to 150 Unlimited Unlimited
$10/mo $25/mo $25/mo
Remove and Customize Footer
Member Profiles
Custom Member Questions
Member Invite Features
Private or Public Site Settings
Invite Only Options
Blogging System
Social Store Items 50 500 Unlimited
Event System
Chat Rooms 5 100 Unlimited!
Add Pay Events
Site and Member Activity
Robust Forum/Discussion System
Member Groups
Upload Photos
Downloads/File Sharing
Link Directory
Ad Manager  
Integrated Music Player
File Manager Only File Viewing and Deleting
Share and List Videos
Video Encoding Add $10/mo Add $10/mo Included
Member Subscription Module Add $10/mo Add $10/mo Included
Approve, Ban, Delete, Lock Member accounts
Control Member access to pages, features and settings
Set content approval options
Site Activity Administrative View
Member Data Export
Customization and Design      
Drag and Drop Page Editor
Embed Custom HTML Code and Styles
Member Start Page
Simple Design Customization
Advanced CSS Design Controls
Real-time Design Previews
External CSS Linking
Multiple Theme Management
Theme Export / Import
Customize Email Templates
Custom Favicon
Customize Word Filters
Custom Scripting Areas for Header, Footer and Body
Use JavaScript within pages
Community Support
Support Tickets

Enterprise Solutions
Spruz is a highly scalable platform, we offer packages that cater to the needs of Enterprise level clients. These packages include more bandwidth, file storage and developer access. Contact us today for more info.

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